Online football betting offers a wide variety of wager types to choose from. Each bet comes with its own unique rules and chances of winning. Understanding the different bet types is key to betting success. The most straightforward bet is wagering on the match result, also known as money line betting. Here, you simply predict the outright winner after regular time. There are 3 selection options:

  • Home team wins
  • Draw
  • Away team wins

Moneyline odds are adjusted based on the implied probability of each outcome. Favorites pay less than underdogs. This bet pays out if your team wins, regardless of the scoreline or margin of victory.

Handicap betting (spreads) – With handicap betting, sportsbooks impose a handicap in the form of goal spreads. The favorite must win by more than the spread, while the underdog gets a head start.

Totals (over/under) betting – Totals betting involves wagering on the combined number of goals scored by both teams. Sportsbooks set a line, such as 2.5 goals, and you bet whether the total goals will be over or under that mark. This bet type removes the game result from the equation and focuses solely on combined scoring output. It’s an exciting sweat with finishing flurries impacting the outcome.

Correct score – For precise prognosticators, there’s the popular correct score market. As implied, you must predict the exact final scoreline of the match. Odds get longer the more specific the guessed score is. A 1-0 win prediction pays far more than a generic 2-1 or 3-2 guess. It’s tougher to pinpoint but brings a great payout for a correct tip.

First/last goalscorer – If you have a hunch on who will open or close the scoring, consider the first or last goalscorer bets. These allow you to wager on specific players to score the game’s first or final goal. Odds adjust based on each player’s attack position and scoring prowess.

Futures/outrights – Looking ahead, you can bet on future odds before matches start. Outright odds predict long-term results like which team will win the league title or tournament. These play out over an entire season.

Props (player/team/match) – Props cover a broad range of specialty bets like which player scores first, total goals for a player, or team to score first half. These enable creative wagering angles beyond just the final score.

While the options seem vast at first, experienced punters eventually find their niche markets and สมัคร ufabet bet types. Knowing the mechanics of each football bet improves your chances.

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